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Healing from 


Mindful Decoupling


Healing from Heartbreak

It’s one thing to lose someone you love, but it’s an entirely different thing to lose yourself. When you consider separation, then the five steps of Mindful Decoupling might be the right way forward for you. It’s for everyone who is about to separate or ever had a bitter, contentious, or unresolved breakup, no matter if this was years or even decades ago, you will still benefit from this program. Let’s meet for 5 sessions in 5 weeks with ‘Healing from Heartbreak’.

Sensitive and Empowering

No matter where you are right now…

Navigating heartbreak is tough, but this program is here to support you on this journey. It’s like a compassionate companion, helping you make sense of your and your partner’s actions, emotions, and beliefs. Through practical exercises and caring advice, it rebuilds your confidence and guides you to rediscover your resilient self.

It’s not just about moving on, it’s about growing into a self-loving version of yourself. Together, we’ll explore the path to understanding and a brighter tomorrow, where you emerge not just healed, but empowered for the next beautiful chapter of your life.

Healing from heartbreak with


Mindful Decoupling

Embarking on the journey of mindful decoupling is an act of self-compassion that holds the power of transformative healing and growth.

This intentional process gives you the gift of emotional liberation, empowering you to navigate the complexities of the relationship you’re transforming with grace and understanding. ‘Healing from Heartbreak’ offers you a pathway to reclaim autonomy and create a new life narrative. By cultivating self-awareness and introspection, you detangle the layers of your emotions and triggers, which allows for the identification and resolution of recurring patterns, and fostering a deeper understanding without blaming or victimizing.

The beauty of mindful decoupling lies in its emphasis on responsibility and accountability. Acknowledging contributions to relationship dynamics without judgment paves the way for mutual understanding and growth. As you navigate the steps, you not only decouple but also embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and the creation of a future full of newfound strength and resilience.

And yes – you can not only ‘mindful decouple’ from your partner, but also from your parent, ‘friend’, job, a relationship to an animal, an idea, a house, a name even. Everything that we cannot let go of, although we know deep down it’s not good to hold on.

Click on each of the five steps Feel, Reclaim, Realign, Transform, and Blossom below to learn more.

The Journey

Five Steps

Step 1 - Feel


In the aftermath of a breakup, it’s common to feel heartbroken, fostering a sense of unease and distrust towards the world. Impulsive actions may follow, impacting both yourself and others. Achieving emotional liberation involves taking control of your emotions. During this phase, it’s crucial to identify, name, and address your feelings, mindfully observing and welcoming them. By confronting emotions such as despair, hurt, rage, hatred, or fear, you can deescalate and transform them into constructive forces, paving the way for positive changes in your life.

Commit to transforming this breakup (or long-term heartbreak) into a life-changing opportunity from the deeper and wiser part within you.

Step 2 - Reclaim


Post-breakup, the tendency to ruminate on the reasons can leave you emotionally drained. Feelings of rejection and self-doubt may lead to self-judgment, affecting mental health and relationships. Step two aims to help you understand how blame and shame contributed to victimizing the breakup, hindering your healing. Reflecting on subtle toxic patterns in your relationship allows for self-amends and the reclaiming of personal power.

Release unhelpful patterns such as chronic caretaking, overgiving, and people-pleasing and learn ways in how you can show up as your true self.

Step 3 - Realign


Identifying patterns rooted in childhood fears or traumas is the focus of this step. Understanding the origins of unproductive thinking and behavior empowers you to break free from these patterns, rekindling love for life. Liberation from toxic thinking or behavior patterns sheds light on relationship problems, paving the way for self-love and self-appreciation.

Restore your sense of self, manage negative self-talk, and honour who you truly are.

Step 4 - Transform


While the initial steps are self-focused, step four addresses your relationship with your ex. Learning to set healthy boundaries and release the hold of past vows is crucial. This step guides you to concentrate on building a new, healthy life and moving forward.

Learn to value the relationship you shared and release each other from past commitments, creating new ways to move forward.

Dissolve any anger or other negative emotions between you and begin your next life chapter with a clean slate.

Step 5 - Blossom


Design Your Joyful Future

The final step empowers you to make wise decisions and reshape your life post-breakup. Healing involves forgiving both yourself and your partner and acknowledging responsibility without self-judgment. Taking accountability allows open discussions, increased empathy, and reconciliation. Overcoming negative emotions is achieved through acceptance, self-compassion, and compassion towards others

Complete old promises and commitments and generate new ones that are more appropriate.

Discover wholesome new ways together with your social community, and find cooperative ways to navigate legal processes.

What you’ll get

It’s your Life. Imagine the Possibilities…

I have taken 15 years of counseling, mediation, and coaching experience and distilled it into the 5 steps in 5-week program Healing from Heartbreak. With this program, you’ll get:

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    • 5 Sessions (1.5 hours) in 5 Weeks
    • Workbooks, Inspirations & Exercises
    • 5 Guided Meditations
    • Email Support throughout
    • BONUS: My most powerful Meditation to heal your inner Child
    • Bookable online or in Person
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